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EMUI 12 control panel is inspired by iOS control center?



EMUI 12 control panel ios

Huawei EMUI 12 new feature includes a Control Panel, this new functionality has a better user interface and options. However, does the EMUI 12 control panel looks like an iOS control center?

Let’s check out.

The new control panel is derived from HarmonyOS operating system and the company has put in different sections including network, media controls, quick settings shortcuts, and smart device management for a better software user experience.

However, in the past EMUI versions, Huawei has only included the quick settings panel along with a notifications area.

emui 12 control panel

On the other hand, the control center is very different and yeah, Huawei may have taken inspiration from the iOS Control center and featured it on the HarmonyOS Control panel, which later came to EMUI 12.

To be mentioned, the iOS control panel has been changed since the launch of iOS 11. The previous version of control centers can be accessed via swipe upward from the bottom side of the display. On the other hand, the new Control center in iOS 11 or later is designed especially for notch screens.

ios control center evolution

A swipe from the top left corner of the display enables the control panel and a swipe from the top right corner will bring down the control center.

But, Huawei took this concept even further with help of left and right swipe gestures, which enables you to swipe back and forth between the control center and the notification center without losing any of them.

This means you can not only access the EMUI 12 control panel and notification panel just the way that iOS does but also in a better and more efficient way.

That’s not it, the EMUI control panel has space to manage connected smart devices, which lacks in iOS, and allows users to connect them directly from the control panel instead of running into the entire settings.

Yes, it’s possible that the EMUI 12 control panel may be inspired by the iOS control center. But the layout is completely different and improvements made by Huawei keep it above the ‘possible’ inspiration.

EMUI 12 control panel ios

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