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Huawei releases new partner policies and data center solutions in China



Huawei data center solutions China

Yesterday, Huawei organized the Data Center Facility Global Ecosystem Policy and Product Launch Event in China and released a bunch of innovative solutions and new partner policies that could help the associates in every aspect.

The main objective of this event was to bind partners from all corners of the world. Consequently, Huawei illustrated that it will be creating an unbiased and powerful partner ecosystem that could help in mutual trust and success.

Making the words more firm and committed, the President of Huawei Digital Power – Mr. Hou Jinlong said that the company will prominently support its partners and will equally make efforts in the growing sectors.

“Huawei would continue to increase investments in the data center facility, focusing on the ecosystem, research and development, and team development.”

New and thoughtful Partner Policies

Notably, Huawei introduced some effective and beneficial policies for its partners. As per these policies, the company will help its partners by providing efficient products, and digital solutions. Further, the company mentions four major changes that it will initiate in the time ahead.

Huawei data center solutions China

These are the following four changes:

  • Protection: The company will put on efforts to offer users deal and regional protections. For instance, partner map, deal registration, and lump sum contracts. These will help in shielding the consumer’s rights and benefits.
  • Profit outcomes: Steps toward several incentive events to accelerate profit scenarios for partners. This will also motivate the companions to work with dedication.
  • Simple and Easy tasks: Huawei will further improve the business concepts providing ease to the partner’s hands. With advanced IT systems and new solutions, the partners will be able to operate things conveniently with an increase in growth.
  • Growth: The last parameter to work on is growth. Huawei will restructure the partner competency program. As a result, this will help in achieving new facilities.

Data Center Solution

During the event in China, the President of Huawei Data Center Facility Domain – Mr. Fei Zhengfu launched two solutions named Smart Modular DC: FusionModule2000 6.0 and an uninterruptible power supply series: Small SmartLi UPS.

FusionModule2000 6.0

This solution will help the operators to fulfill the requirements in the education, government, and retail sectors. Eventually, the solution consists of green, simplified, and durable features and exhibits finer power efficiency, and can save up to 27,000 USD per year.

SmartLi UPS

Meanwhile, SmartLi UPS superior UPS2000-H development kit and offers 96% power efficiency. It can efficiently meet users’ and operators’ power and energy-saving needs.


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