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HarmonyOS 3.0 public testing for smartphones to start in April



HarmonyOS 3.0 beta testing

Huawei HarmonyOS 3.0 closed beta testing for the public consumers could begin in April this year, reported by Chinese Media. Earlier to this, the Chinese tech maker will release the HarmonyOS 3.0 developer preview beta 2 to improve the performance of the system.

To be mentioned, Huawei will first begin closed HarmonyOS 3.0 testing in April, followed by the public phase and then the stable rollout. The entire process will move gradually and will take two to three months to reach the final stage of the rollout for all eligible Huawei device users.

However, this is really interesting news for the users, who are waiting for the next major software update, HarmonyOS 3.0. On the other hand, it was also reported that stable HarmonyOS 3.0 will launch in July 2022 as scheduled in the roadmap.

Besides, some reports also claim that Huawei will unveil the HarmonyOS software for global Huawei device users, which is quite interesting. Until then, the users in the overseas market can get the taste of EMUI 12 that comes with the HarmonyOS user experience.

HarmonyOS 3.0 testing April

HarmonyOS 3.0 Developer Preview Beta 2:

Recently, Huawei concluded the development and maintenance cycle of HarmonyOS 3.0 Beta 1 and announce the launch of HarmonyOS 3.0 Developer Preview Beta 2 that makes the way towards HarmonyOS 3.0 public beta testing in China.

The HM 3.0 developer preview beta 1 version only provides demonstration and pre-adaptation functions, and will not be open to developers to update and use. While the beta 2 version will be expected to remain open for development and updates to improve system capabilities and software and hardware optimization.

HarmonyOS 3.0 Developer Preview:

In 2021, at Huawei Developer Conference (HDC 2021), Huawei launched HarmonyOS 3.0 along with the first developer preview. HarmonyOS 3.0 mainly includes four sub-solution modules – ArkUI 3.0 (Ark Development Framework), ArkCompiler 3.0 (Ark Compiler), DevEco Studio 3.0, and API 7.

Huawei DevEco 3.0 Beta 2:

Just 2 days ago, Huawei also released the new version of DevEco Studio 3.0 Beta 2 for developers for the HarmonyOS system that mainllly optimizes the integrated installation experience.

The DevEco 3.0 is all in one in a development environment that is deployed on Visual Studio Code in the form of plug-ins. Acccording to the information, the DevEco studio 3.0 beta 2 version brings three new features that are:

  • Visual trace analysis
  • Perf performance analysis tool
  • Application compatibility test suite

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