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HarmonyOS 2 vs One UI 3.1: Boot speed comparison



One UI 3 vs HarmonyOS 2

One UI is built on top of Android and provides a better user experience to all of the Samsung smartphone users. As a phone maker, the South Korean company has done many new improvements to the One UI ecosystem and these also reflect in the latest One UI version.

However, HarmonyOS 2 is the prime operating system of Huawei and its rollout is currently underway for smartphones in China. The new HM OS comes with a number of new features and user interface changes that allow users to get the most out of their devices.

We previously tested One UI 3.1 against Huawei’s operating system – HarmonyOS 2 in terms of the Dark Mode appearance and the user experience. However, it was just the beginning of our tests that we’re about to conduct on both of these software systems.

And now it’s time to check another comparison between One UI 3.1 and HarmonyOS 2.0 to measure their boot speed performance.

HarmonyOS 2 vs One UI 3.1 Boot Speed Comparison:

So, what’s the outcome of this boot speed comparison between One UI 3.1 and HarmonyOS 2 software. Well, let’s explore it together.

According to the comparison, the One UI 3.1 powered Samsung device completed the reboot process in around 34 seconds. On the other hand, the HarmonyOS 2 seals its win at around 30 seconds.

Check the HarmonyOS 2 vs One UI 3.1 boot comparison video below.

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