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HarmonyOS 2 vs iOS 15: UI smoothness comparison [Video]



Huawei is working on the development of HarmonyOS for the least possible devices. As this OS starts to make its way to Huawei smartphone users in China, we hope that the company may soon make it available for global consumers.

But that’s not the main story, because HarmonyOS is a topic in itself and the consumers want to shift their phones to experience the new features and share their own experience.

Talking of sharing experiences, a user has posted a video, which makes an interesting comparison between HarmonyOS 2 and Apple’s latest iOS version 15. However, the comparison only based on the difference in the performance of the user interface (UI) as well as smoothness.

According to the video, HarmonyOS has a slightly faster response than iOS 15 in terms of:

  • Opening an app
  • System animations
  • Showing app services
  • Task manager navigation
  • Control Panel access

You can check this comparison video linked below.

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