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Google Assistant may soon be able to turn off Android smartphone with just a command



In the past, we have seen a bunch of new features in Google’s virtual voice assistant – Google Assistant. The recent one in the list of additions includes a new trigger, the Your Apps feature, and the new background themes.

Looking at the activities, we can say that Google isn’t satisfied with the features yet and intend to add more and function for user convenience.

As per the latest information, Google Assistant may soon be gaining the capability to turn off Android smartphones with a user’s voice. However, Google officially gave no word about it, so it’s unclear yet whether it’ll be in action or not.

Some developer has decompiled the latest version of an application that Google uploaded to the Google Play Store and suggested this feature, in case of rolling out what will it look like. Moreover, the last command is up to Google.

As of now, the Google Assistant guides users on the way to power off the device. There are many things that are worth looking forward to, like how will it take the action and turned off the smartphone under the voice command and will only be limited to Android 12 or expand for more devices.

That’s all we have for now but the matter isn’t end here. There is more to explore until then stay connected for more updates.


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