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Google Assistant getting new background themes that looks good



Previously, Google Search has been spotted with the Dark Mode support, with the information cited “Dark theme is now available” offering the Device default, Dark theme, and Light theme options.

This US-based firm has many surprises under its sleeve, as we are seeing many back-to-back changes in the Android applications including Gmail, Google Meet, Chrome, and Google Assistant, which are bringing exciting features and changes for user convenience.

New Theme:

According to the latest information, Google is preparing brand new designs, which gave a colorful touch to the Google Assistant UI. This change has been recognized on some Android smartphones by few users.

The new changes installed the new background color replacing the light and dark theme in the Google Assistant. These new colors are in Blue and Green shade while the reason behind choosing this color isn’t certain yet.

However, it only changes the background color and didn’t bring any extra modification to the Assistant UI.

My Actions:

The user also shared the “My Action” shortcuts of the device, which was the topic of talk previously. It helps users with the frequently used apps or querying on our device.

This feature is a great help for those who often check the same query or need to open applications frequently. It’s good enough to complete tasks such as setting the device volume, ask specific queries, and adding some applications in the Assistant shortcut like Facebook, Instagram, Google Maps, and YouTube in the device.

(Source – XDAdevelopers)

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