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Exclusive: New Information on Hongmeng OS indicates issues in its early application ecosystem



We’ve confirmed that Huawei’s new operating system is served under the word “Hongmeng” and now we’ve more information regarding this mysterious OS that cites its upcoming challenges in the early distribution.

“Hongmeng” is Huawei’s first ever self developed operating system

Huawei’s upcoming operating system is planned to be different from the current Android architecture but there are certain issues that the company previously facing in the development of Hongmeng and there are also some challenges waiting for it when it’ll be launched commercially in their device ecosystem, says an internal source related to Huawei.

“Just like any other large scale software distribution, the most challenging issue for Hongmeng is to come at the establishment of its core ecosystem and if the company leaves Android’s Linux + Java frameworks and instantly adopts a new system architecture, it will make Hongmeng’s system incompatible with the current Android-based Apps,” said the source.

Instead of going with a separate architecture, the company will likely to come with a “Mutual Approach” that will be compatible with most of the current Android software design patterns.

“This approach will make developers to re-develop the app according to Hongmeng, so it can work in fluently in a stable environment and will also set another big hurdle for this operating system in an early stage public release but once the system environment continues to make progress, this situation will be different,” he added.

On the other hand, Hongmeng also has extensive support along with the current hardware ability of Huawei smartphones that can help the company to collaborate with a large scale of software developers for further improvements in the overall software design.

“After the OS comes out from its preliminary software ecosystem, then there are good chances that Hongmeng will become one of the best and largest mobile operating systems in the world,” he added.

For now this all we got and still unaware of more information but now we can say that this Operating system is not a thing of today or tomorrow. Also, if this OS’s development is completed then the company could only release it if it’s extremely necessary, otherwise, they may take some more time.

We previously reported, that a new operating system with name/codename “Hongmeng” was in active development since 2012 and Huawei was testing it its mobile phones hidden behind the curtains.

Back in March, Huawei CEO Richard Yu, said we’ve plan B ready in case Huawei smartphones and computers can’t use Android or Windows OS following the tensions between Huawei and the US.

Last week, the US imposed business restrictions on Huawei, Google also barred the company from getting software updates for its Android devices. Later on, the US temporarily removed this suspension from the firm along with its software updates restrictions for the existing users.

In response to this ban, Huawei said that it was prepared for the US restrictions and it won’t affect the company.

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