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US government underestimating Huawei: Ren Zhengfei



The US has imposed restrictions on Huawei from doing business in the country and now the company’s founder said the current government in the US is ignoring Huawei’s ability.

In an interview with Chinese state media, Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei said: “We sacrificed the interests of individuals and families for the sake of an ideal, to stand at the top of the world”

“For this ideal, there will be conflict with the United States sooner or later,” he added.

Last week, Donald Trump officially signed a trade blacklist, adding restrictions that’ll make the company very difficult to do business with American firms, which labeled as an action against national security threats.

“The current practice of US politicians underestimates our strength,” Ren said.

The US has given the telecom giant a 90 temporary license aimed at minimizing disruption for its customers but dismissed by Ren who said the tech firm was prepared for the US restrictions.

Huawei’s chip making division has long been prepared for the US sanction

Ren also said, Huawei is nevertheless “Very grateful” to the US firms, who’ve contributed a lot to Huawei. Many of Huawei’s consultants are from American companies including IBM.

While being asked about how long this crisis will stay for Huawei, Ren answered this question should be asked to Donald Trump instead.

“Blame should be directed at US politicians, not the companies,” he said.

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