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EMUI Large Folders is the feature of the year



Huawei large folders

EMUI 12 is a game changer in the EMUI universe and Large Folders is a feature that makes EMUI the software of the year. It’s not only in Huawei phones but also tops the software experience of Android and iOS devices.

Why it is the feature of the year?

Large folders allow you to arrange app icons on the home screen. Such a feature comes within Android for a long time and Apple brought in the gallery.

So, what’s new?

As the name reflects, Huawei Large Folders allows you to enlarge a small app folder. Interestingly, large folders then enable you to tap and open an app without opening the folder first.

This function greatly enhances the way we operate through the home screen and keep it clean.

Using the Large folders is easy, tap and hold any on-screen app folder and select Enlarge to maximize the size. Then touch any app icon to run it. However, in Android, you will first need to open the folder and then launch the corresponding app.

harmonyos large folders sizes

That’s not it, Huawei further strengthens, large folders with new improvements. EMUI 13 brings new customizable large folders. This allows you to resize them in different sizes and combinations.

For example, you can now change large folders layout in 3×1, 1×3, 3×6, and the default 3×3 layouts. There are various other features such as service widgets and improvements in animations.

EMUI 13 large folders

There is also the improved Control Panel with lots of easy-to-access services but Large folders make their own place as the top EMUI feature across Huawei and all of the smartphone universe.

What do you think about this, Large folders is really a feature of the year, or do you have something else in the suggestion box? Let us know via the tweet below.

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