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EMUI 10 vs EMUI 9.1: Changes in Settings Menu



EMUI 10 comes with lots of new changes that clearly reflect on its new user interface, app icons, and element animation but there is much more to explore in the Settings menu.

Compared to EMUI 9.1, The Settings menu of EMUI 10 has been restructured for some features and to provide simplicity for users.

To help everyone adopt this new version of EMUI more quickly, we listed some of the new changes made in the settings menu and created a comparison between the EMUI 10 and its predecessor side by side.

(Left – EMUI 10 | right– EMUI 9.1 ):

1. WiFi, Bluetooth, and Mobile network are now on the main Settings:

As frequently used features, WIFi, Bluetooth and Mobile network are now added on top of the main Settings menu. Previously, these features were listed under the submenu of “Wireless & networks” and “Device connectivity“.

2. Suggestions and description texts under settings items are removed in the settings menu:

This new approach provides a clean and more focused visual experience for users.

3. Smart assistance menu renamed as Accessibility features:

The Ultra Snapshot feature is now under Accessibility features > Shortcuts & gestures. Previously, this feature was accessible only via the camera app. the Digital headset has also been added to the Accessibility features menu.

4. Changes in Security & privacy menu:

To allow users to find individual features more conveniently, the Security & privacy menu is now divided into three separate items on the main Settings menu: Biometrics & password, security, and Privacy.

5. Darken interface colors option is now removed from Battery settings, introduced a pure Dark Mode feature:

Darken Interface color switch (EMUI 9.1) for Mate 20 and P30 series device is now removed from battery settings and replaced with Dark mode switch in Settings> Display & brightness (EMUI 10).

6. A change made in Setting menu items:

The About phone section is now added in the main menu settings, which was under System menu at the bottom.

6. Renamed some Settings Menu items:

Some Settings menu items have renamed from:

Display > Display & brightness.
Sounds > Sounds & vibration.
Smart assistance > Accessibility features (there is now a separate item called Smart assistance).
System > System & updates.


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