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EMUI 10 vs EMUI 9.1: Changes in User Interface



EMUI 10 is a big leap from the EMUI 9.1 and brings new changes in UI, UX, and features. Users of some devices have installed the stable EMUI 10 while some are testing it as a beta tester.

Talking about the latest EMUI version, it is designed to keep an understanding of user psychology and physiology, which results in improved reading efficiency and comfort view under different lighting conditions, proper color contrast range for text and icons.

And the whole EMUI 10 focuses on four main elements: large fonts (for highlights and headline areas), white space, grid system, and embellishment. As a result, all of the commonly used features, ranging from the control panel and contacts to the calendar and email.

The golden ratio icon design has polished the shape and outline of icons to the pixel level, at an optimal ratio of 0.618, with the height of icons used as a frame of reference, around which the rest of the visual elements fall into place.

With EMUI 10, Huawei has brought a new camera introduced the best balance between functionality and aesthetics. When a user slides to adjust a parameter, the value change displays in large font, superseding the other visual features on screen. Additionally, the new camera interface also simulates the sound of the shutter button on a mechanical camera.

We cannot end this conversation without talking about the dark mode, which applies bold contrast between the text foreground and dark background to produce optimal readability. And to ensure ideal consistency, comfort, and readability, both in standard display mode and Dark mode.

In short, when you upgrade from EMUI 9.1 to EMUI 10, you’ll find new differences in the user interface and user experience, and to show you the changes in the UI, we present you the comparisons between both versions.


(Left – EMUI 9.1 | Right – EMUI 10):

Home Screen


System Apps Icons


Notification Panel:

Notification Panel





Dark Mode:

Dark Mode

Dark Mode


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