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China smartphone market falls by 24% in Q2 2021: DigiTimes



Huawei Smartphone

As per the report from smartphone market analysis firm- DigiTimes, China smartphone market has shown a 23.6% sequential drop in the second quarter of 2021. With the 72.7 million smartphone shipments, the Chinese market is down by 20% YOY.

Chinese Market Status in Q2:

The smartphone market report shows that the top 5 smartphone sellers in China gained 88.3% market share excluding Honor. With the inclusion of this former Huawei subsidiary of Huawei, the joint shares reached 97.9% leaving the slightest part for the other firms.

The most interesting part of this story shows that Honor increasing the potential to replace Huawei and compete with Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo in the coming months. Furthermore, it’s the first time in the Chinese market, when Apple wins against Huawei.

Speaking about Huawei, the company is strategically facing losses in other businesses also besides the smartphone market. However, the executive explains that the results are expected. At present, the company’s goal is to survive in the market.


Reason: Poor Market Demand

Still, the epidemic is affecting smartphone market shipment, forcing smartphone vendors to reschedule their sales plans. Furthermore, the poor smartphone demand in the native and global market is also the reason behind the market drop.

Additionally, we can also blame the global chip shortage. It’s one of the big reasons for the manufacture not being able to satisfy the market demand.

First Quarter Insight:

According to the previous report, in the first quarter, the smartphone market shipment shows an overall increase of 9% in the lead of OPPO in China. Besides, Vivo, Xiaomi, Huawei, and Apple are also in the line on second, third, fourth, and fifth spot respectively.

Market Expectation From Q3:

The new flagship smartphones from Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo have raised some hope to show a mild growth in the third quarter. Besides, Honor also gets the support of Google Mobile Services and preparing to launch the next Magic series device.

Overall, the new 1st tier smartphones of the top Chinese makers are expected to perform well in the market in the next quarter. Even more, to cover the loss achieved in this quarter.

(Via- DigiTimesAsia)


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