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Android 12 is only used by 13.3 percent devices, as Android 13 moves to launch



Android 12 13 percent

Android users are eagerly waiting to taste a new experience with the upcoming version of Android. As per the gossip, Google has implemented many new and surprising elements to Android 13. While the company is still giving some last-minute touch-ups to the stable firmware, the new info reveals that only 13.3 percent of devices are now using the Android 12 interface.

That’s right. Eventually, Google updated its Android distribution report at the beginning of this month. On moving into depth, we found that only 13.3 percent of device users rely upon the previous system, that is the Android 12.

Alongside, the company has also mentioned the bars of other Android versions. It’s worth mentioning that the other versions of Android are grabbing more attention than Android 12. For instance, Android 11 is currently available on 27% of devices.

Meanwhile, Android 10 and Android 9 are following the lead in second and third position with 22.3% and 14.5% respectively. Even years later, the older versions of Android are fully capable of beating the demands of the latest and new system versions.

On the flip side, Google’s report also describes the total distribution number of Android versions that have climbed up to 99.8 percent in August. The remaining 0.2% might be the achievement level of Android 12L. Alternatively, Android 12L has its own API levels and has provided various improvements and additions to the large screen devices.

Android 12 13 percent

Older Android Versions are more popular!

Well, that shows the popularity of older versions of Android among users. Though Android 12 and above-released versions carry several things to explore. Yet, consumers in the market prefer to depend on the old stable versions. This might be a matter of convenience and fear of facing bugs and issues due to new software.

So far, Google has not mentioned the distribution number of Android 12 for four months. However, the company brought it down to the users just before the launch of Android 13. The reasons are still unknown as to why the company didn’t give an appropriate report for such a long time.

There is still some time left in the release of the stable Android 13 interface. Will the new version be able to grab the full attention of the users? Or the users will choose the previous versions over revamped software? We will keep updating you on this aspect.

Android 12 13 percent


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