Android 11: Everything you need to know

Updated on February 20, 2020:

Android 10 is the 10th release of the Android operating system that was officially launched in September 2019 packed with numerous new features but one of the most notable changes of Android 10 includes the new Dark Mode, which is a major step forward to bring a system-level dark theme that improves user experience and reduce battery consumption.

Another intriguing feature is the new Navigation gestures that allow users to get over from there navigate the phone easier. However, Huawei already had this feature in EMUI 9.1 (Android 9).

With Android 10, Google also ended its practice of naming major version after desserts and officially branded it as only Android 10.

Since there’s already news started to come about Android 11, it’s time we head our train towards the next version of Android.

Below you can check the information regarding the Android 11 features, launch date, and latest news.

Android 11 Features:

  • Built-in screen recorder: Android 11 first Developer preview brings a built-in screen recorder.
  • Notification History: You can now check the history of your notifications, showing a recently dismissed section at the top followed by three notification and the time they came in. You’ll also have other new ways to compose messages, including new features to attach images right from the notification panel.
  • Dark Mode Scheduling: With Android 10, Google introduced a system-wide dark mode theme for its smartphones and now the company is going a step further by introducing Dark Mode scheduling on “Auto” and “Custom” timespans.
  • Bubbles: Debuted with Android 10, the Bubble feature now supports third-party messaging apps including Telegram and WhatsApp.
  • App pinning: Android 11 brings back the app pinning feature with up to 4 apps in default.
  • Mute notifications during video: Android 11 will let you mute notifications while you’re recording video.
  • One time permission: Android 11 lets you approve temporary access through one-time permission and apps will need to request permission again for the next access.
  • Airplane mode will no interrupt Bluetooth: Android 11, Bluetooth stays connected when the phone is on airplane mode.
  • Scrollable screenshots: Google will bring the scrollable screenshot option to Android in the upcoming builds.
  • Touch sensitivity: Android 11 brings the option that increases the sensitivity of your touchscreen in cases of using a screen protector.
  • More on Project Mainline: Project mainline gives users the ability to update parts of Android right through the Play Store. In Android 11, Google added 12 new updatable modules (parts), for a total of 22 modules that can be updated directly.

More features will be updated as they appear.

Android 11 Launch Date:

Google has released the first developer preview in February 2020 with Beta releases for Pixel phones.

As previously, this whole beta testing may take 4 to 5 months consisting of different Beta rollout phases. At last, Google will choose either August or September to release the Android 11 to the public.

Note: This article will be updated continuously

Latest News:

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