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Huawei publishes EMUI and HarmonyOS July 2024 security patch details



Huawei EMUI July 2024

Huawei has rolled out the EMUI July 2024 security patch details for its devices, but there’s a twist. This time, the company has listed all those vulnerabilities that were equally affecting both EMUI as well as HarmonyOS-powered phones/tablets.

For a long while, the company has been posting security patch details for both EMUI and HarmonyOS devices on different sites. But things changed with July 2024 patch.

As of now, the company has highlighted both HarmonyOS and EMUI versions that are being affected by the recent vulnerabilities on the same page. Good news is that the company resolved all these defects to provide a bug-free and seamless experience.

Looking into the published details, the July 2024 EMUI security patch for eligible Huawei devices fixes a total of 6 systems and 28 third-party library defects. The system part consists of 1 critical, 1 high, and 4 medium-level vulnerabilities.

These issues mainly exploit the service confidentiality, availability of the Gallery search module, synchronization, security verification as well as memory module.

EMUI 14.2 – Distribution Stage

It’s the second month of the EMUI 14.2 update distribution. Huawei has offered the latest firmware treat and its features to top-end models like P60 Pro, Nova 11 Pro, and Mate 50 Pro devices. Gladly, the build is available for both beta and non-beta users.

The company also surprised Mate Xs 2 users by serving the newest 14.2 build ahead of many flagship models. P50 Pro is the latest one to join this software batch.

Still many eligible devices have not received the ticket to EMUI 14.2 upgrade. Mate 40 Pro phone users have also locked their eyes on whether they will receive a major update in the future. Read why the device deserves EMUI 14.2 – HERE.

HarmonyOS 4.2 distribution has almost completed in China but the wait continues for global tablet and wearable users. Things may proceed gradually in this case.

Amid these questions, Huawei has brought the July 2024 security patch details and you can have a detailed look at all the CVEs in the below section.

Huawei EMUI July 2024

Huawei publishes EMUI and HarmonyOS July 2024 security patch details (Image Credits: Huawei Central)


  • CVE-204-39671
  • Affected Versions: HarmonyOS 4.2, HarmonyOS 4.0, EMUI 14


  • CVE-2024-39672
  • Affected Versions: HarmonyOS 4.2, HarmonyOS 4.0, EMUI 14


  • CVE-2024-39673, CVE-2024-39674, CVE-2024-39670, CVE-2023-52382
  • Affected Versions: HarmonyOS 4.2, HarmonyOS 4.0, HarmonyOS 3.1, HarmonyOS 3.0, HarmonyOS 2.1, HarmonyOS 2.0, EMUI 14, EMUI 14, EMUI 13, EMUI 12

Third-Party Library

The third-party library patches mainly include fixes for vulnerabilities that were affecting HarmonyOS 2.1 and above versions as well as EMUI 12 and above versions. The company mended a total of 24 high and 4 medium levels of CVEs in this section.


  • CVE-2024-31310, CVE-2024-31314, CVE-2024-31315, CVE-2024-31316, CVE-2024-31317, CVE-2024-31318, CVE-2024-31319, CVE-2024-31324, CVE-2024-31325, CVE-2024-31311, CVE-2024-31313, CVE-2024-31327, CVE-2024-26926, CVE-2024-0671, CVE-2024-23351, CVE-2024-1067, CVE-2023-40093, CVE-2024-23709, CVE-2024-0024, CVE-2024-0025, CVE-2024-23705, CVE-2024-0043, CVE-2024-23712, CVE-2024-0019


  • CVE-2023-43524, CVE-2023-43525, CVE-2023-43526, CVE-2023-43528

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