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Alleged honor phone is geared up with 6.9 AMOLED display, could be a new ‘Note-Series’ phone



It was recently reported that Huawei has ordered a phablet size 6.9-inch rigid(flat) super AMOLED display panels from Samsung, and these screens are likely to be applied to Huawei’s flagship mobile phone. In a recent leak, it was revealed that this display will be featured on a new honor Note phone.

This ‘honor’ phone is codenamed as ‘Ravel’ and spotted on a screen panel supply chain box in the description label alongside the size of the display which is marked as a gigantic 6.9-inch. This size perfectly fits as a potential successor of previous Honor Note phone¬† (6.6-inch).

Check the “honor” on the screen box photo and the “6.9inch” in the label description.

Huawei chose to go with Samsung’s OLED screen because at the present, the entire mobile phone industry is moving towards OLED technology, and almost all brand flagship models will be equipped with AMOLED screens.

In addition to the large screen, this product will also carry Kirin 970 processor, with 6GB of memory and support for 22.5 watts fast charge.

Huawei is now working on a 6.9-inch gigantic display Phone

Zhao Ming, former president of glory, said on the social platform that he is currently using Honor 10 and a large-screen mobile phone. Zhao Ming’s large-screen mobile phone may well be a glorifying Note 10.

The name of the device may be Note 10. It feels like Huawei is releasing such a product with great intentions. It does not want its competitor’s product to have a unique place in the market competition.

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