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Want to see EMUI 13?



see emui 13

EMUI 12 is under expansion for various Huawei devices and we’re continuously asking Huawei phone consumers to showcase whether they’ve installed EMUI 12 on their devices. However, we’ve also initiated a discussion on the next version of EMUI – EMUI 13, which is not been confirmed officially at the moment.

Although Huawei does have the option to shift its smartphone to HarmonyOS, it could possibly be sticking with EMUI software. Therefore, another EMUI version cold drop by the end of this year, if not at Huawei Developer Conference 2022.

There are no specific inputs available regarding the features or the availability of this software but Huawei is likely to increase the performance of this inner functionality. In addition to EMUI 13, we could see similar improvements on the upcoming HarmonyOS 3.0 operating system for smartphones and other devices.

Still, a major change that we’re expecting is the adaptation of the new Android version, if not using HarmonyOS as the base software.

see emui 13

EMUI 12 is the current most advanced version of the EMUI series that comes with new additions such as Control Panel, Notification Panel, new animations, user interface, and performance enhancements. With this version, Huawei will take you closer to HarmonyOS operating system because of the changes that have been made and adapted for the EMUI 12.

So, do you want to see EMUI 13 launch? Let us know via the poll linked below.

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