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Trump’s executive order wants to close telecoms gates completely for Huawei



Huawei has been accused many times by the US for espionage and data related issues, and now the US president Donal Trump is planning to sign an official order to bar US companies to purchase any telecom equipment made by the firm.

Huawei Lawyer’s prior work at the Justice Department poses conflicts: US Prosecutors

According to Reuters, President Trump has is expected to sign an executive order this week to bar US companies from using telecommunications equipment made by firms posing a national security risk, an indirect way to impose a more strict ban on doing business with the Chinese telecom giant.

The program has been under consideration for more than a year but has been delayed repeatedly, and doesn’t includes any specific countries or the firms. Further information on this matter remained confidential.

If signed, this order is expected to tense situations between both China and the US’s current trade-related conditions.

The US believes that telecom equipment made by Huawei Technologies could be used to spy on the country and is under control by the Chinese state government. On the other hand, Huawei has always denied these allegations and said their equipment has no such threats.

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