To dominate the world with a new OS, Huawei must have to work with its full force

Huawei is reportedly working on its own operating system to replace current Android OS using on its smartphones, and industry analysts say that launching a new smartphone operating system for Huawei may be an impossible task.

Hongmeng/ARK OS: Here’s everything you need to know about Huawei’s Operating System

Former mobile industry executives say, building the operating system itself won’t be all that difficult, what’s the most difficult thing is to develop services and app ecosystem for the whole consumers around the globe that they come to expect, reported BusinessInsider.

“It’s extremely challenging,” said Andreas Gal, the former chief technology officer at Mozilla, who helped lead the development of that organization’s Firefox OS.

Last month, we also addressed some key issues on the development of its app ecosystem development and the possibility for the growth.






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