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Huawei restrictions will damage to ARM, Google, and the American industry: ARM’s Founder



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TSMC has already predicted its upcoming loss from Huawei’s US ban but the co-founder of the world’s top chip designer company has shown its concerns over the current Huawei row and said it’ll also damage ARM.

TSMC predicts temporary decline from Huawei’s U.S. ban

Herman Hauser, co-founder of Arm said the current situation of Huawei will be “incredibly damaging for the chip designer. ARM is affected by the new restriction because of the number of components used in its chips are originated from the US, reported Dailymail.

“It really is quite damaging for Huawei in the short term, and long term it’s going to be incredibly damaging for Arm and Google and the American industry,” he said.

Last month, U.S. added Huawei and its affiliate in a business blacklist, after this, firms including Google, Intel, Qualcomm, Xilinx, ARM, Broadcom and more forced to loosen their ties with the Chinese telecom giant.

“Every single supplier in the world will start thinking of how to reduce the threat of their production being terminated by an American president,” said Hauser.

“All the discussions I have with companies in Europe at the moment are about them going through their intellectual property portfolio and designing American intellectual property out, which is terribly sad and destructive,” he added.

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