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Sorry Nokia, Huawei is still leading in 5G orders



Telecom equipment maker Nokia recently announced that it has acquired more 5G orders than Huawei, but the Chinese telecom giant has announced today that it has achieved most 5G commercial contracts to date.

Huawei is willing to sign a no-spy agreement with the US

On June 6, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology had granted licenses to four major telecoms including China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Broadcasting Network Corp, marked as a major change in China’s 5G network deployment.

After this announcement, Huawei officially congratulated these telecoms and said it’s ready to support Chinese operator to build China’s 5G.

Huawei also announced, as of now it has signed 46 5G commercial contracts in 30 countries, and 5G base stations have shipped more than 100,000 units.

This is more than the figures announced by Nokia to acquire 42 commercial 5G orders and claimed that it’s leading over Huawei in the 5G orders.

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