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Samsung phone to bring satellite SMS in 2024, two years after Huawei



huawei satellite communication

Samsung could launch its first satellite SMS phone – Galaxy S24 in 2024, reveals a report related to this matter, a tech Huawei commercialized last year with its premium smartphone.

The latest input is coming from Korean media – Yonhap News, which published an interview with Lee Jong-ho, Minister of Science and ICT in South Korea. Mr. Jong-Ho claimed that the country will launch and introduce satellite connectivity services in phones by next year.

Samsung operates as the largest and the only significant brand in South Korea, which indicates that the minister was speaking about Samsung.

He further added that the country’s smartphone industry is working on the commercialization of such services for consumers. It’s being speculated that the first phone with this feature could be the flagship, Samsung Galaxy S24, which will reveal early next year.

However, Samsung has not installed satellite communication services in its new products such as the Galaxy Z Flip and Fold 5.


Last year, Huawei launched Huawei Mate 50 series and became the first company to unveil this new communication technology. Initially, Huawei Mate 50 is able to send SMS with satellite connectivity without a mobile network. The feature was appreciated by Chinese users for its ease of use in remote areas.

In March, Huawei unveiled the P60 series with two-way satellite connectivity, which means you can send and receive SMS without a SIM card. Still, the technology is currently in the early stage but it’s free for the users in China. Yet, it depends on the service provider to charge in the near future.

(via – SammyFans, Source – Yonhap)

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