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Samsung faces another rejection over Huawei patent dispute



Huawei and Samsung

The State Intellectual Property Court in China has published the latest trial decision for the patent dispute case between Huawei and Samsung. As per the information, Samsung isn’t satisfied with the previous decision about Huawei accused the company of patent infringement.

During the lawsuit, the court concluded that the patent revolved around a device and operating methods and the South Korean firm doesn’t own the lawful rights on it. Besides, the Chinese firm also applied for a re-examination for the patent.

Thus, the court rejects Samsung’s application for the patent rights based on creative grounds, which restricts the patent from establishing. Furthermore, the case acceptance fee of RMB 100 has been paid by the plaintiff to the IP court. And it again faces another rejection.


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As per the previous reports, at first, Huawei sued Samsung for infringing the company’s patent rights in 2017 and the Korean firm was instructed to pay a settlement amount of 80 million to Huawei. At last, the Korean company ended up losing its first legal case against Huawei.

However, Samsung didn’t accept the decision and requested another session. Afterward in June this year, upholding the previous decision, the court didn’t approve Samsung’s plea in accordance with the law. It’s the second time when Samsung faced failure in the same case.

Huawei Smasung Patent Disput

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