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Samsung begins mass production of 3nm chipsets



samsung 3mn chips begins

Samsung is celebrating its first-ever production of the 3nm process. Meanwhile, today, Samsung officially announced to begins the manufacturing of chips using a 3nm process with the advanced Gate-All-Around GAA transistor architecture.

The GAA technology is to use for the first time ever in the history of Samsung. It exceeds the execution boundary of FinFET and lowers the power supply voltage level to improve power efficiency, and at the same time improves the performance by increasing the drive current capacity.

Well, is known for being the world-leading semiconductor technology and this initiative makes them more popular among the world’s top semiconductor manufacturing companies.

The company plans to begin its first application based on nanosheet transistors with semiconductor chips for a high level of performance and power computing. Which will further expandable to smartphone processors.

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samsung 3mn chips begins

Samsung GAA technology:

The 3nm chips with Gate-All-Around transistor architecture are very beneficial for the following points including Design Technology Co-Optimization (DTCO),  and it helps increase power, performance, and area (PPA) benefits.

Additionally, the first generation of 3nm chips can decrease power consumption by up to 45% and improve performance by 23%. On the other hand, the second generation of the 3nm process reduced power consumption by up to 50%, and improved performance by 30%, notably the result are taken as compared by compared to the 5mn chips.

samsung 3mn chips

  • 1st-gen 3nm: reduce power consumption by up to 45%, improve performance by 23% and reduce the area by 16%
  • 2nd-gen 3nm: reduce power consumption by up to 50%, improve performance by 30% and reduce the area by 35%

(Source: Samsung)

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