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Samsung to soon begin 3nm chip production: Report



Samsung 3nm chip production

Samsung is planning to announce the mass production of the 3nm chip, next week. This could be an initiative to give a tough competition to the rival chipset manufacturer TSMC which stated to begin the 3nm production in the second half of this year.

The latest information suggests that the 3nm chipset will occupy the surface of GAA – Gate-All-Around technology. According to Samsung, this tech will reduce 45 percent of area consumption. Further, it will provide a 30% high-grade performance.

In comparison to the traditional FinFET processor, the new chip will offer 50 percent of lower power consumption. Overall, the next-generation chipset will eventually boost the functioning level of the handset models.

Samsung 3nm chip production

Since TSMC captured 53.5 percent of the global market in Q1 2022, Samsung is more alert this time. Consequently, the advanced and efficient technology hints that the Korean manufacturer is in full form to beat TSMC, in the chip manufacturing process. Both Samsung and TSMC are leveling up their game to rank in the “world’s first 3nm chipset manufacturer” position.

Apart from these reports, Samsung also spread the news among its consumers regarding the 2nm processor that is running in the initial stage of development at the moment. It is believed that the mass production of the 2nm chipset will take place in 2025.

Samsung is going to start the 3nm chip mass production, next week. Let’s see, who wins the race of new chipsets in the market between Samsung and TSMC.

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