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Samsung may not catch up with Huawei triple-foldable: Tipster



Huawei Samsung triple foldable

Samsung might lose the foldable race to Huawei as the Chinese phone maker is working on the world’s first triple foldable. That says a well-known X tipster, predicting the future rivalry between Huawei and the South Korean company.

X tipster @UniverseIce notes that Huawei will soon launch the “first-ever in history” – Triple Foldable phone. The device will likely be full of high-end technologies. It is also said to use a super-durable display solution to eliminate nasty folding issues.

Although the key statement is that Huawei triple foldable phone will not face any competition for a long time, not even from Samsung. Why so? Let’s find out in detail.

The tipster says that Samsung’s foldable technology is far behind. The company continues to struggle with a proper foldable layout and structure. Despite several Z-series models, the tech maker still lacks ‘thinner’ body aspects for its folding phones.

UniverseIce further states that Samsung lived a life of self-satisfaction for years. Instead of working on major foldable phone issues, the firm focused on pricing.

Huawei, on the other hand, has the potential to make its foldable phones thin enough. Regardless of the first time, this property could be visible with the upcoming triple-folding device. The company also keeps an eye on users’ feedback for its inventions.

Huawei Samsung triple foldable

Samsung may not catch up with Huawei triple-foldable, says tipster (Image Credits: X)

These qualities ultimately pushed Samsung back and let Huawei win the crown of the global foldable battle in Q1 2024. The tipster notes, even if Z Fold6 Slim comes with a thinner design, it won’t catch up with most Chinese foldables including Huawei.

However, this point will only get clear after the South Korean tech giant launches its Galaxy Z Fold 6 on July 10.

“After years of complacency and continuous laziness, when Samsung wakes up again, the world has changed. When its market share was divided up, it realized that it had lost, but it was too late then.” – says Ice Universe.

Both Samsung and Huawei serve as the biggest rivals in the foldable market. Although the latter has gradually raised from naive to a Pro folding phone maker. Mate X5 is the perfect example of this case. The device not only offers a clean and thin design but also packs satellite features as well as fast network access.

The major aspect one looks at in foldable is ‘durability’. Huawei aims to evolve in the folding phone technology with better features. It also focuses on a more reliable experience that can allow users to enjoy every moment without stressing on folding crease of the device.

Huawei Samsung triple foldable


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