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Huawei and Yuneng Holdings join hands to promote construction of power system



Huawei and Yuneng Holdings

On September 10th, Huawei and Yuneng Holdings jointly marked on a framework agreement related to new energy development and digital energy construction. Both firms will work to encourage the new power system with new energy as the mainstream profession.

The main purpose of this corporation is to build a green society through power electronics and digital energy technology. The representatives from both firms witness this all-around cooperation. The following authorities have signed the agreement.

  • Deputy General Manager of Henan Investment Group- Yin Jianyong
  • Chairman of Yuneng Holdings- Zhao Shuying
  • General Manager of Yuneng Holdings- Yu Dezhong
  • Senior Vice President of Huawei- Hou Jinlong
  • Vice President of Huawei Digital Energy Technology- Huang Ji
  • General manager of Digital Energy of Henan Representative- Huawei Zhang Guanghui

Huawei and Yuneng Holdings

Corporation Agreement:

Huawei and Yuneng Holdings are determining to shares corresponding resources, technologies, and will share profit under the agreement. Meanwhile, their partnership area includes business digital transformation, development of clean energy, promotion of digital and intelligent traditional energy businesses.

Furthermore, they will simultaneously contribute to the early realization of carbon neutrality. The distribute photovoltaics, energy cloud platforms, and green new-type ICT infrastructure will be the working platform of both parties.

Yuneng Holdings’ Chairman believes that the promotion of digital energy and power system is the only way to realizes carbon neutrality and rural revitalization. Besides, Huawei has years of experience and advanced technology in the field of digital energy. With this benefit, we can surely provide clean and reliable power to our consumers.

Moving ahead, Huawei Digital Energy Line President stated that the Henan region has a unique foundation and favorable conditional to built a mainstream new power system. However, Huawei will provide full help to upgrade Yuneng Holding in the energy industry.

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