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Palmdata Solutions joins Huawei GaussDB Database ecosystem



China’s Palmdata Solutions has partnered with Huawei to use GaussDB Database for the development of Lightweight Migration and Deployment solutions.

The latest announcement is coming from Gao Xing, general manager of Palmdata Solutions at the Huawei Developer Conference 2023 (Cloud).

Gao Xing also shared his experience of working with Huawei Cloud and call for long-term cooperation with the Chinese cloud services giant.

Palmdata Huawei GaussDB


Palm Data Technology is a financial technology company focusing on the securities and large asset management industries.

It is aimed at fields of database and big data technology, intelligent scene applications, and industry information technology application innovation, serving more than 80 large financial institution customers across the country.

As a comprehensive partner of Huawei in the field of database technology in the financial industry, Palm Data has long cooperated with Huawei Cloud GaussDB to support ecological software products and service support systems based on the Huawei Cloud GaussDB database.

It actively invests in financial big data services and application migration to the cloud to help industry users quickly transform.

Gao Xing said that as a manufacturer that provides technical services and support for customers in the financial segment.

He added that PalmData chose to cooperate with Huawei CLOUD GaussDB because Huawei has a very good research and development strength as a foundation and can support the stable and efficient operation of customer application scenarios.

It also provides a lot of support for the construction of PalmScience and Technology’s service capabilities and service system and has long-term R&D investment and firm development plans.


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