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After MetaERP, Huawei will launch new GaussDB, its full-stack database system



Following the launch of MetaERP, Huawei is now preparing to unveil another big technology for the database industry, the new GaussDB. This will be the first Chinese software-hardware collaboration full-stack independent database.

GaussDB was first introduced in 2019, and the company is ready to bring something new with its latest iteration. However, the specifics of this launch remain unknown at the moment.


GaussDB is a distributed relational database from Huawei. It supports hybrid transactional/analytical processing (HTAP) workloads and intra-city cross-AZ deployment with zero data loss.

With a distributed architecture, GaussDB supports petabytes of storage and contains more than 1,000 nodes per DB instance.

It is highly available, secure, and scalable and provides services including quick deployment, backup, restoration, monitoring, and alarm reporting for enterprises.

Where it can be used?

Transaction applications:

  • The distributed, highly scalable architecture of GaussDB makes it an ideal fit for highly concurrent online transactions containing a large volume of data from government, finance, e-commerce, O2O, telecom customer relationship management (CRM), and billing. GaussDB supports different deployment models.

CDR query

  • GaussDB can process petabytes of data and use memory analysis technology to query massive volumes of data when data is being written to databases. Therefore, it is suitable for the Call Detail Record (CDR) query service in the security, telecom, finance, and Internet of Things (IoT) sectors.


In April, Huawei launched its own full-stack independent and controllable ERP solution, MetaERP. This helped the company reduce reliance on overseas software makers and replaced old ERP software tech from its management.

For your information, Huawei MetaERP is based on the company’s Euler operating system and utilizes GaussDB. We hope that Huawei succeeds in bringing the new GaussDB into the industry.

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