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Orange Pi OS launched, based on Huawei HarmonyOS



Orange Pi OS harmonyOS

Orange Pi has launched Orange Pi OS based on the open source Huawei HarmonyOS version. Actually, there are three versions of Orange Pi OS in total but we’ll focus on the OpenHarmony-based software.

Orange Pi OS is an open source operating system for Orange Pi. The Orange Pi OS empowers Orange Pi series development boards, keyboard PCs, and other PCs. It can run Android, Windows, and Linux apps.

What is Orange PI:

Orange Pi helps run different applications, uses other operating systems and behaves like Android. To enable users to try various projects in the system.

Orange Pi OS with open-source HarmonyOS:

The software brings compatibility and multi-terminal device support built with penHarmony as the primary technical route and combined with Linux technology.

It supports multiple CPU architectures with good compatibility, better hardware and software ecosystem, security, customizations, high efficiency, and low power consumption.

For example, it could be installed on tablets, handheld terminals, smart TVs, smart wearables, CCTVs, payment systems, self-service terminals, and more. Therefore, it could be used for various fields of interest such as office, entertainment, production, logistics, education, security, and others.

Below you can check some of the other key features of this operating system:

Easy to maintain: Support for automated installation and remote maintenance management, integrated graphical management and maintenance tools, including system monitor, device manager, etc., support for the expansion of maintenance screen functions, making system maintenance more convenient.

Security: The system is based on identity identification, access control, data protection, and vulnerability monitoring, and strengthens defense in all aspects such as trusted computing, data confidentiality, secure start-up, and application signature to protect user applications and data security.

Reliable: Based on a stable kernel version, the kernel parameters and system components are tuned to optimize the performance of system start-up, memory usage, and other aspects, and support redundant configuration of components to ensure system stability and reliability.

Two other versions:

There are two other versions of the Orange Pi OS, the first is based on Android and the second one is based on Arch Linux distribution.

Orange Pi OS harmonyOS

(source – OrangePi)

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