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Huawei 4G phone ranks 1st in the Chinese foldables segment: Q3 2022



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Huawei is once again at the top of the Chinese market with its 4G folding smartphones. The company achieved a 53.2 percent market share and become the No.1 foldable maker in China.

Recently, the CINNO Research cooperation released the “Q3 2022 foldable market share in China” report. Accordingly, the report shows how the tech makers and their folding devices have performed in the region.

Eventually, the foldable device sales in China reached 723,000 units in the third quarter of this year. This is a valuable growth of approx 114% on the yearly basis. Further, the report displays Huawei’s success which is more interesting on the surface.

Despite a variety of folding phones with 5G facilities, Huawei scored the first position in the Chinese folding phone market with its 4G models. This achievement made Huawei the ultimate king of foldable phones in China.

Huawei – champion of the folding phone market

The latest input reveals that Huawei gained a market share of 53.2% for its foldable gadgets which is an increase of 95% year-on-year basis. Alongside Huawei, Samsung grabbed the second position with 20.5%

Notably, the Huawei P50 Pocket is the leading device in the Chinese foldable market. It remained at the top in the market with extreme sales results for three succeeding quarters (From Q1 to Q3, this year).

In addition to the flip-flop model, the Mate Xs 2 has also shown good performance in the sales aspects. To be specific, Huawei has proven that the company will continue to excel in the smartphone market, with or without 5G.

Huawei Pocket S – a new contender

While old Huawei 4G foldable devices are already giving tough competition to the tech makers, the company has introduced one more smart gadget – Pocket S. The phone is a cheaper version of the P50 Pocket without any compromise in the features.

Huawei pocket s

Undoubtedly, the new foldable will significantly increase the demand for folding phones in the market. With its fascinating appearance and eye-catching features, it will soon rule over the Chinese phone market.

Speaking of 5G implementation, the Huawei Consumer Business Group CEO and Smart Car BG head – Yu Chengdong said the following statement:

“Huawei as a global leader in 5G, is the only manufacturer selling 4G mobile phones in the 5G era.”

Though the CEO said the statement sarcastically, somewhere it’s a bitter truth. But it seems like the 5G unavailability doesn’t affect much of the company’s success. However, users are still waiting to hold the Huawei 5G smartphone back in their hands.


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