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Uboxun cloud speaker Q1500 qualified OpenHarmony eligibility test



OpenHarmony Uboxun speaker Q1500

Urovo Uboxun technology recently developed a new cloud speaker named Q1500, which has passed the OpenHarmony eligibility test. The respective device also gained the corresponding compatibility certificate.

To those unaware, Urovo cooperation is the world’s leading IoT industrial and digital solution provider. On the other hand, the company creates robust payment methods for mobile and computer systems.

In the latest development, Urovo has built a new voice broadcast device – Uboxun cloud speaker Q1500 that passed the OpenHarmony compatibility evaluation test. As of now, it will support the OpenHarmony 3.1 release version efficiently.

Consequently, the corresponding OpenHarmony version will provide an intelligent framework of operations, finer interconnections, and innovative functions for the device. Further, it will enhance the overall technical base of the Q1500 payment product with unified features.

Let’s check how the Q1500 device will help consumers!

OpenHarmony Uboxun speaker Q1500

How does the Uboxun cloud speaker Q1500 work?

The cloud speaker Q1500 device is a convenient initiative in payment methods. It powers unique techs and processors that will ease the payment services and facilities for both consumers as well as enterprises.

Eventually, the ultimate gadget is baked with high-end elements. For instance, an alarm-clock sensor, a four-sided continuous texture back surface. To the front, it attaches a QR code to imply payment transactions.

Besides, it suitably carries out professional recording, supports a 4G network, and can constantly work for 3 days and nights.

As mentioned, the device also serves as a voice broadcast product. It equips tech-pack TTS (text-to-speech) voice broadcast. Hence, it will offer impressive broadcast services to small and medium businesses and their merchants.

Beneficial for consumers!

With the help of the Q1500 cloud speaker, users can easily perform transactions. Just open the mobile payment application and scan the QR code on the device. Ultimately, the device results in improving code scanning and payment-oriented actions. Ahead, it also fixes missing orders and forged transaction issues in the market.

OpenHarmony Uboxun speaker Q1500


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