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OpenHarmony compatibility platform is updated with new capabilities



OpenHarmony compatibility

Recently, the OpenAtom foundation has officially disclosed that the OpenHarmony compatibility evaluation platform has been working properly for a year. After the several optimizations and improvements in OpenHarmony open source project and compatibility evaluation process, there are lots of changes made in the compatibility platform.

According to the information, the initial OpenHarmony compatibility platform can no longer be able to meet the need of submitters and reviewers. On the other hand, from the end of 2021, the OpenHarmony Compatibility Working Group building a new compatibility platform, which will be launched in April 2022.

So, the new features of the OpenHarmony compatibility platform are mentioned below:

  • Progress Reminder
  • Progress inquiries and certificate downloads
  • Re-edit
  • Assessment class, system type, system limitation
  • Publicity Management

OpenHarmony compatibility

In details:

Progress Reminder:

When the status of the submitted assessment application changes as follows, the information will be sent to the depositor through the registered email address for timely processing:

  • The assessment application has been passed
  • Evaluation application rejected
  • Issue of Assessment Application Certificate

Progress inquiries and certificate downloads:

You can view the progress and certification status of the submitted evaluation application on the compatibility evaluation interface (if the certification has been issued, you can download it by yourself)

OpenHarmony compatibility


  • You can re-edit and modify the content before submitting
  • After the submission is rejected, modify and resubmit according to the rejection information

Assessment class, system type, system limitation:

  • Assessment Category
  • System Type
  • System limited, update with version release

OpenHarmony compatibility

Publicity Management:

The submitter can choose whether to publish and when.

OpenHarmony compatibility

If you choose to agree to the announcement when the assessment is passed and the announcement time is reached, it will be automatically synchronized to the official website for display. The display information includes pictures uploaded when submitting, company name, product type, chip model, system type, system version, passing time, and basic descriptive information.

OpenHarmony compatibility

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