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Open source HarmonyOS adapted for new Agriculture operating system



HarmonyOS Agriculture

Recently, CITIC Agricultural, Shenzhen Kaihong Digital, and Huawei released China’s first autonomous and controllable agriculture open-source HarmonyOS operating system.

This operating system has plenty of comprehensive solutions for different scenarios including smart breeding,d digital farming, digital supervision of agriculture-related finance, farmer education and training, agriculture data trading centers, and government agriculture data governance.

The system connects all agricultural production equipment and data to achieve natural data sharing and business end-side collaboration. It can be widely used in multiple agricultural production links such as breeding, sowing fertilizing, farming, and pest control.

HarmonyOS Agriculture

CEO of Shenzhen KaihongOS said that the agricultural open-source HarmonyOS operating system is a new generation of all-thing intelligent operating system based on KaihongOS for the field of digital agriculture. Read more about KaihongOS here.

It provides a unified digital base for the interconnection and collaboration of devices of different sizes and types, allowing all agricultural equipment all use a unified operating system and speak the same language, and the key core technologies of the entire stack are independently developed in China.

Last month, Huawei released OpenHarmony 4.0 along with a development kit with upgraded API 10. The OpenHarmony 4.1 Beta version is expected to be released by the end of the year, while the release version is underway for availability in the first quarter of next year.


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