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New Patent reveals Huawei working on improved optical chips



Huawei patent optical chips

Huawei has issued a new patent and this time it is related to the optical chips and communication equipment. The Chinese tech giant aims to improve its optical processors so that they can remain powerful and more durable during usage.

As per the information, Huawei applied for a patent entitled ‘Optical chips and their preparation methods, and communication equipment’. It carries the publication number CN202180100152.7 and recently got the approval.

The patent application requires an optical chip, a preparation method board, and communication equipment. These elements refer to the main optical communication technology. Besides, Huawei seeks to improve the existing optical mechanism via the latest patent.

Huawei patent optical chips

Huawei patent for optical chips (Source: MyDrivers)

Here, the optical chip has a substrate along with a dielectric layer stuck to the substrate. This layer further consists of a hole that is connected to the second dielectric layer. Ahead, the chip counts an optical waveguide as well.

This optical waveguide is positioned on the substrate in a strip shape and has a sub-optical waveguide. Ultimately, the width of the sub-optical waveguide on the substrate keeps on decreasing during the preparation procedure.

On the other hand, the optical waveguide connects with both dielectric layers. Meanwhile, the side surfaces of these dielectric layers remain in contact with each other to initiate the preparation process.

Eventually, the company is looking to solve the durability issues of the optical waveguide. The patent shows how the new mechanism can fix the tip of the optical waveguide in the prevailing chip that keeps on breaking during the preparation method.

Huawei patent optical chips


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