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Huawei has new data-sync method patent to improve battery life of devices



Huawei patent data-sync method

Today, the Chinese IPO office published a new Huawei patent with plans to improve the device’s battery life using an efficient data-sync method. It runs on a few advanced techniques that reduce wake-up calls and make operations faster than before.

According to the information, the new Huawei Patent is entitled “A data-sync method and related devices and systems”. It carries the publication number CN117692466A and has been applied in 2022. Though it got approval on March 12, 2024.

The Huawei patent details reveal that the data-sync method begins with the data update. During this process, the first device in the system sends adequate information to the central device. Both these mechanisms are in the communication system.

Eventually, this information specifies the update status of the data. Meanwhile, the central device maintains the efficiency level of the information for each device.

Huawei patent data-sync method

Huawei patent (Credits: MyDrivers)

As soon as the user demands data synchronization between devices, the second device in the communication system takes the information from the central device and performs the sync operation based on the obtained data and figures.

The company mentions that this process doesn’t wake up other devices in the system during synchronization. It also lessens the time consumed by devices to sync data and reduces the power consumption occupied by the entire procedure.

It is unclear how the Chinese tech giant will use this mechanism for its devices. Also, how much time delay it may cause in message reception is another question in this segment. Though we may see this technology active in the future.


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