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New Huawei patent actively alerts tired drivers to avoid accident



Huawei patent drivers alerts

Huawei has recently filed a new patent in the automobile department that alerts tired drivers, avoiding road accidents. The Chinese tech giant believes that a fatigued driver is usually an ‘invisible killer’ and can result in more damage than others.

According to the information, Huawei applied for a new patent with the application number CN117576858A. Though the company registered the patent in August 2022, it recently got approval. Perhaps, the tech maker will soon begin work on it.

The patent entitles “Driving Early Warning Method and Device”. From the name, the Huawei Patent method will prompt warning alerts to drivers as the sleep time exceeds to prevent road accident rates in the region.

Huawei patent drivers alerts

Looking into the details, the patent needs smartwatches, smartphones, and a vehicle-mounted device. To begin with, the vehicle-mounted device will obtain the first sleep and second sleep data of the driver from his/her smartphone.

Here, the first sleep data derives from the smartwatch and then reaches the smartphone. Meanwhile, the second sleep data can be accessed directly from the phone and used to indicate the sleep period even when the driver doesn’t wear the watch.

Ahead, the vehicle-mounted device will analyze the duration of the driver’s sleep and set a reminder for it. In case the sleep time is more than the preset data, the device will send a warning alert to drivers and actively wake them up.

Thus, it will help in reducing accident rates. However, there are certain difficulties with the method such as being unable to detect facial features and facing issues when driving at night, driving mood, and other factors.

Yet, Huawei hopes that it will resolve these problems with the development. The new method will contribute to improved road safety and driving experience.

Huawei patent drivers alerts


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