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New info appears about Huawei 5G test device



Huawei testing new P40 Pro

This year brought many possibilities to believe on Huawei and the 5G phone is one of them. Recently, we reported about a new 5G Huawei test device and now, there’s some new information about the same test device to entertain.

According to the details coming from a tipster, the new Huawei prototype device uses 5G connectivity in the core. Also, it has a new Sony sensor in the main camera. However, the tipster once again doubts the possibility of its mass production, which is crucial for any device in development.

Huawei is now notorious for making changes in devices at the last moment before the launch event. For example, Huawei had previously planned to bring in Huawei P60 Pro+ at the launch conference. However, the company changed the version to “Huawei P60 Art“. Still, the phone carries the design planned for the P60 Pro+ version along with specifications.

Another example to look at is that the Huawei Nova 11 Ultra tested repeatedly with the flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ chipset but the company unveilt it with Snapdragon 778G.

These two are quite unpleasant experiences for the people and the bloggers, who were reporting about this possibility. However, we now have to be optimistic about the test that Huawei is conducting in the background.

new Huawei 5G device

P40 Pro-like phone:

In the recent exposure of information, a phone render has surfaced and it shows a device similar to the Huawei P40 Pro. But it comes with several improvements in appearance as well as the display. No wonder it could be only for testing or Huawei is actually planning to process this phone in reality.

new testing machine similar to Huawei P40 Pro

Meanwhile, we have a big slot remaining open for later this year and the Huawei Mate 60 series is a worthy contender to fulfill this empty space. But there’s a long way ahead and we’ll have to wait for more inputs on this device as well as the next Mate flagship.


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