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Huawei is allegedly testing new 5G phone



Huawei P40 pro

For the past two years, Huawei is focused on delivering all aspects of smartphones without mentioning 4G. Alongside, Huawei keeps on testing new phone with 5G network capability including the latest one.

A week ago, we saw a smartphone but it’s quite like the Huawei P40 Pro released in 2020. The newest addition to this story comes as a well know tipster said that this phone is under testing with 5G.

According to the information, the test model has a matrix camera system and it can run 5G. While the color on the background is blue, which is identical to the P60 Art Azure Blue.

What’s new?

Interestingly, the phone comes with our beloved P40 series aesthetics. Notably, it was also the last phone before Mate 40 series to bring 5G among consumers. Other characteristics of the model consist of a hole punch full screen with immersive viewing quality.

Moreover, Huawei has increased the frequency of making 5G test models as compared to a year earlier. The phone is under testing behind closed doors but it’s unconfirmed whether the phone will attend mass production and it’s what really matters.

Huawei P60 Pro+

The tipster shared information that the Huawei P60 Art is derived from the Pro+ model. It’s believed that the Pro+ model has been cut off from the pipeline but it could be the next big move Huawei is planning for later on.

Huawei testing new 5G phone

Still, the company has not announced any of this progress in the open and we’ll wait for some official signs.

It is exciting to know that Huawei keeps on testing new 5G compatible phone but once again, it’s important whether they are put into mass production. Also, the render shared by the tipster is unique and resembles both P40 and P60 Art designs. It could be a prototype but seems more like a finalized version of the P60 Pro+ and later it was called off by the company.

There’s more to come in this story and we’ll keep you posted.


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