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Huawei testing new smartphone similar and better than P40 Pro



Huawei testing new P40 Pro

Huawei is continuously releasing new smartphones and in the past two months, the company has introduced numerous big titles among consumers. But there’s a new smartphone that Huawei is testing and the appearance is similar to or should we say better than our beloved Huawei P40 Pro.

According to the information coming from a Weibo blogger, Huawei is testing a new smartphone with the blue color from Huawei P60 Art. However, the camera module reflects it to be similar to the P40 Pro.

This is quite an interesting revelation made by the tipster, as the P40 is now completing the third anniversary of its launch. The tipster also shared the render of the phone, which adds another layer of curiosity.

tipster screenshot of Huawei P40 Pro new machine testing

Design Rendering

Diving into the render, we can see that the phone has a curved edge screen along with a punch hole on the top of the head. The front is quite similar to the P60 series. Meanwhile, the rear side has all of the changes.

The back panel equips a rectangular bump with round edges, which is identical to P60 Pro. But the camera arrangement replicates what we’ve seen in the Huawei P40 Pro.

The camera system is organized vertically and consists of a periscope telephoto zoom. Notably, there are only three lenses and the right side contains LED flash followed by XMAGE and other labels.

The rear color is derived from the P60 Art and looks awesome. The overall appearance of the device looks attractive and appeals to consumers.

new testing machine similar to Huawei P40 Pro


Aside from rendering, it is confirmed that the new Huawei P40 Pro testing machine has a telephoto camera. Meanwhile, the entire lens module is dark blue as we’ve seen above. To be mentioned, Huawei is currently testing the camera, network capability, and experience of capturing photographs with this smartphone.

It is also noted that the rendering could not be taken as final and based on the experience of the test device. However, one thing is for sure, the phone is unreleased and it’s in the testing phase.


There are many users who speculated this device with various names including the 2023 version of Huawei P40 Pro, Huawei Nova 12 Pro, Huawei P60E, and Huawei Enjoy 70 and some even said that this could be the upcoming Huawei Mate 60.

But the tipster nodded to none of these and we also can’t affirm it either.

New Huawei P40 Pro

It’s always welcoming to see a new smartphone and this one is no exception. The appearance is eye-catching and we would like to know more about the smartphone as well as its identity.


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