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GMS absence in Huawei phones need to fill with fast software updates



Huawei Software updates

Huawei phones now run solely with Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) but global Huawei users want something more from the company, specifically the fast software updates rollout.

It makes sense because Huawei phones no longer come with Google Mobile Services (GMS). In that case, people are still finding HMS services a bit unfamiliar as compared to what they’ve mostly used in the past. The change is broad but some global Huawei smartphone users struggle through unknown issues that need serious attention.

But most of them bring us to after-sale software support.

What happened?

According to our information, a large chunk of people still want to buy Huawei smartphones. However, the lack of Google apps still makes them think twice while buying a premium Huawei smartphone.

After choosing the Huawei phone over Samsung and Apple. Customers expect fast rollout and premium software support for the device they paid for. But in some cases, this has become a slow procedure.

The after-sale software support is currently derailed in the Huawei ecosystem for global smartphones. This is a major problem and a request of Huawei users to put it in order.

Global users:

For example, a major software update is pending for all of the previous smartphones since late last year. The company is now testing EMUI 13 for smartphones, which should have happened last December. However, there’s still time left for the users to expand this testing to a wide level of users.

Over the past two years, Huawei made significant progress in software development and introduced new features that aren’t even available in the Android and iOS software ecosystems. Yet, these changes need to reach the smartphones of global consumers.

Therefore, fast software updates for global Huawei smartphones is a must to achieve the aim of Huawei in order to retain all of the previous smartphone buyers.

Huawei Software updates

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