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Huawei issues new patent to significantly reduce noise effect in images



Huawei patent noise effect images

Huawei obtained a new patent to improve the overall quality of images and reduce the noise effect from the background. With the latest application, the firm aims to boost the optical performance of its smart devices with reliable experience.

The Chinese tech giant is keenly focusing on image-processing techs these days and the latest patent is no exception to this theory. Even though Huawei filed the patent a long ago, the Chinese Intellectual Property Office has recently approved it.

According to the information, the new Huawei patent is entitled “Image Processing Methods and Equipment” which can help to reduce the noise effect from images.

Huawei patent noise effect images

Now let’s understand the process:

This image-processing technology applies to smart devices with display panels and cameras such as smartphones and tablets. Eventually, the device will initially recognize when a user opens the camera app and will respond accordingly to that operation.

As the shooting section appears on the screen and the user captures the shot, it will show up in the viewfinder. Besides, the device will begin the image processing of that particular picture. It will obtain and register multiple (N) frames of original raw images.

Consequently, this process will lead to the reformation of the image as per the neural network of the device. Meanwhile, the electronic gadget will perform color correction and post-processing operations on the reformed image.

Everything combined, the latest image processing technology will help boost the image quality and eliminate the noise effect without affecting the minute details in the picture. It will further enhance the accuracy and image efficiency.

Huawei patent noise effect images


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