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New AITO M7 SUV continue to raise orders with Huawei smart driving experience




During the Autumn 2023 Launch Conference, Huawei Consumer Business Group CEO, and Chairman of Intelligent Automotive Business Yu Chengdong announced that the new AITO M7 SUV has garnered over 20000 orders.

AITO launched the AITO M7 SUV on September 12 and instantly started taking orders, which later exceeded 2000.

This new AITO SUV is using Huawei ADS 2.0 flagship driving solution. Wenjie’s new M7 Smart Driving brings smooth control, close-to-human-like accurate operations, and choice when faced with various complex road conditions and hundreds of kilometers of mileage. A lot of people.


Smart driving of many models on the market currently relies on high-precision maps. However, high-precision maps are not only expensive for manufacturers but also difficult to maintain and update.

After all, the traffic environment is changing rapidly, and it is too difficult to match the most accurate data in real-time. , such as temporary construction on a certain road, it is difficult to update the map in time, and it is easy for vehicles to mistake.

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