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New AITO M7 SUV launched with Huawei ADS 2.0




Yesterday, AITO launched a new AITO Wenjie M7 SUV with Huawei ADS 2.0 autonomous driving system powered by HarmonyOS 4.

In terms of appearance and interior design, the new M7 SUV adopts a new low-wind resistance design, with an active air intake grille and a lower body height. It has the best-in-class lowest wind resistance coefficient of 0.298cd.

A new 21-inch dual 10-inch wide-spoke sports wheels, four-door electric suction function, and fully automatic comfort electric pedals take into account both aesthetic design and convenient experience.

The new car has been upgraded with a same-color steering wheel that matches the interior color, and a two-color micro-velvet fully soft-wrapped center console, creating a technological and luxurious atmosphere.

At the same time, AITO Wenjie’s new M7 SUV launched with the latest HarmonyOS smart cockpit, paired with Huawei ADS 2.0, and the “dual intelligence” ceiling provides consumers with a more intelligent and convenient interactive experience.


In addition, the use of new intelligent range-extended technology not only ensures excellent power but also achieves low energy consumption and long battery life, effectively improving NVH quietness, power, and energy consumption economy.

The new AITO M7 features Huawei ADS 2.0. By the end of this year, it is expected that urban intelligent driving assistance (urban NCA) will be available nationwide, and the more it is used, the better it will be. The newly upgraded HarmonyOS smart cockpit allows millions of mobile applications to be seamlessly integrated into the car through the super desktop.

It also adds new functions such as all-around adaptive adjustment, one-click reservation and car preparation, and Xiaoyi smart assistant, allowing for smart cockpit interaction and cross-device collaboration. Become more convenient and faster.

Huawei MagLink seamlessly connects with rear-seat devices to provide rear-seat passengers with more entertainment and information services. A number of new software and hardware technologies are installed on the car, allowing Wenjie’s new M7 to achieve “mobile whole-house intelligence.”

The space performance of Wenjie’s new M7 is particularly outstanding. The large five-seater layout has the most effective internal space in its class. The interior length of the car is 3338mm, and the “occupancy rate” is 66.3%, making every position very spacious.


The new car has a large bed camping mode. Folding down the rear seats can lay down a 1.5 x 2m large bed, and two adults can easily lie flat. At the same time, the 686L super large trunk space can meet consumers’ various loading needs. After expansion, the volume can reach 1619L, which can accommodate 30 20-inch suitcases at the same time.

At the same time, Wenjie’s new M7 has a more flexible six-seater layout, providing consumers with more car-purchasing choices and being more friendly to families with children. When the car is full, there is still a trunk space of 1.1 meters, which can accommodate four 20-inch suitcases, which can meet the needs of a family for self-driving travel and other car needs.

The fully upgraded seats are far ahead in terms of comfort configuration. The four front and rear seats are equipped with heating, ventilation, and massage functions as standard, bringing a first-class VIP-level riding experience.

In addition, the interior space is flexible and provides ample comfort and convenience whether camping or long-distance travel. The new car is also equipped with dual air-conditioning boxes in the front and rear rows, which have faster cooling and heating efficiency. Together with the large touch screen in the rear row, the temperature control in the car is more precise and the comfort is improved.

AITO has always adhered to the dual-pronged approach of active safety and passive safety and believes that only the combination of the two can provide true safety. Therefore, Wenjie New M7 takes safety as an important consideration in the design and manufacturing process. The new car has been comprehensively upgraded in terms of active safety configuration.

27 sensors including lidar are used for fusion perception. Huawei ADS 2.0 continues to evolve, supporting omnidirectional anti-collision and leading the industry in active safety capabilities. Wenjie’s new M7 has also made a lot of investment in passive safety.

Submarine-grade hot-formed steel accounts for 24.4%, and high-strength steel and aluminum alloy account for 80.6%, surpassing the 500,000-class mainstream models of luxury brands currently on sale. CBS composite body material effectively improves body stiffness and collision safety, and provides all-round active and passive protection, striving to provide the most comprehensive protection for passengers.

Wenjie’s new M7 also has excellent performance in terms of power range and chassis control. The new car is equipped with the Huawei DriveONE extended-range electric drive system, which provides consumers with 4s-level power performance from zero to 100km/h to satisfy drivers’ pursuit of driving pleasure.

In terms of chassis control and power performance, the new M7 can provide drivers with a stable and smooth driving experience, whether on urban roads or highways.

In terms of chassis control, the new car has been upgraded with the Huawei DATS 2.0 dynamic adaptive torque system and dual FSD variable damping shock absorbers on the front and rear suspensions, making corners more stable and bumpy roads more comfortable, making long-distance driving less tiring.

AITO Wenjie M7 Price:

The new AITO Wenjie M7 SUV with ADS 2.0 launched at 249,800 yuan ($34,280). Also, the orders will be delivered right after the order is placed. There’s also a discount of 33,000 yuan (4530 USD) on orders before October 7.

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