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New Huawei AITO M7 exceeds 2600 orders in a single day




The new AITO M7 SUV has crossed over 2600 orders in a single day, which is a new milestone for this Huawei-powered large-size vehicle.

Following its launch on September 12, 2023, AITO recorded a maximum of 1500 unit orders per day. At the recent Autumn 2023 Flagship launch conference, Huawei Intelligent Automotive Business Chairman, Yu Chengdong revealed that the AITO has registered over 20,000 unit orders by the day.


In the past week, the new AITO M7 SUV has crossed 2600 orders in a single day, and on the following day, it recorded 2400 units maximum in order. This is also a new achievement for the brand as it collected a new two-day highest of all time.

An analyst on this matter revealed that the collective order for all AITO models in September exceeded 30,000 units. This is 8 times higher than the past month. Also, orders for auto driving version have accounted for over 60% of these overall orders.

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