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May 2021 Huawei EMUI Security Patch details are here, HarmonyOS large scale adaptation will start in June



The May and coming two months are very busy for Huawei because many events and product launch conferences are lined up as well as large-scale HarmonyOS 2.0 rollout also scheduled to start in early June.

At present, Huawei China Ecological Conference 2021 is going on. On the first day of the event, Eric Xu, Huawei’s Rotating Chairman announced that the company’s aim to upgrade 300 million devices over HarmonyOS in 2021.

HarmonyOS 2.0 status:

Huawei has released HarmonyOS 2.0 at Huawei Developer Conference 2020 and opened the developer beta testing last December for limited flagships in China.

After successful HarmonyOS 2.0 developer beta runs for the initial batch of devices. Huawei opened HarmonyOS 2.0 public developer beta program with 19 devices including Mate X2, models from Mate 40 series, and more.

After that, the company is rapidly working and continuously extending the test pool for more of its device. In this line, on May 9, the company has announced second phase testing for the mid-range Nova 6, Nova 7, and Nova 8 series.

To date, the Chinese tech giant released the 3 developer beta builds of HarmonyOS 2.0, 4 test versions of Huawei DevEco IDE for HarmonyOS app developers, and recently pushed OpenHarmony 2.0 package with added new lines of codes.

Security update:

Besides major updates, every device always needs minor updates from time to time, such as security updates, feature rollout, improvements, and optimizations for the system. Because they help to increase the overall performance and prevent the device from threats and viruses.

Now, Huawei has released the latest May 2021 security patch details published by the Android security bulletin, which will be soon rollout for Huawei devices.

May 2021 security patch details: This security update fixes 3 critical, 10 high, and 4 medium levels of CVE, which defend the device against threats. Check the full CVE details below.

The following are the CVE announced in May 2021 EMUI security update Android security bulletin.

Critical: CVE-2021-0474,CVE-2021-0475,CVE-2021-0473

High: CVE-2020-11234,CVE-2020-15436,CVE-2020-25705,CVE-2021-0484,CVE-2021-0477,CVE-2021-0472,CVE-2021-0480,CVE-2021-0466,CVE-2021-0481,CVE-2021-0476

Medium: CVE-2021-0488,CVE-2020-11231,CVE-2020-5235,CVE-2020-29368

Low: none

Already included in previous updates: CVE-2020-0169,CVE-2020-0170,CVE-2020-0172,CVE-2020-0171,CVE-2020-0174,CVE-2020-0173,CVE-2020-0175,CVE-2019-9364,CVE-2021-0375,CVE-2020-0475,CVE-2020-27054,CVE-2020-27046,CVE-2020-0346,CVE-2020-0359,CVE-2020-0354,CVE-2020-0298,CVE-2020-0299,CVE-2020-0309,CVE-2020-0291,CVE-2020-0292,CVE-2021-0431,CVE-2021-0435,CVE-2021-0443,CVE-2021-0446,CVE-2021-0428,CVE-2020-27067,CVE-2019-2182,CVE-2020-0500,CVE-2020-27028,CVE-2020-0360,CVE-2021-0433,CVE-2021-0468,CVE-2019-9386,CVE-2019-9358,CVE-2019-9235,CVE-2019-9236,CVE-2019-9240,CVE-2019-9242,CVE-2019-9244,CVE-2019-9246,CVE-2019-9251,CVE-2019-9296,CVE-2019-9344,CVE-2019-9354,CVE-2019-9356