Kirin 990: Check the official teaser of Huawei Mate 30 series’ processor [Video]

Today, Huawei officially mentioned the Kirin 990 at the launch event of Ascend 910 AI Processor. Following this, Huawei has also published a new teaser of this upcoming processor that anticipates its launching at IFA 2019.

Huawei confirms Kirin 990, includes Ascend neural units for maximum AI performance

The teaser above shows the slogan of “Rethink Evolution” and 5G, which is expected to be related to the new 5G embedded chipset but yet to be announced by the company.

According to Huawei, the upcoming Kirin 990 is based on Neural processing units powered by Ascend Lite and Ascend Tiny cores. As the Ascend units comply Da Vinci architecture to delivers the topmost performance for the AI processing.

Check the teaser below.






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