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It’s Time! Huawei Home Storage device launched with new features



Huawei Home Storage Device launched with new features

Exciting news! We are here to inform you that Huawei has launched its new Home Storage device along with the Mate 50 series. We think that you’re going to love its brand-new features.

The new Huawei Home Storage device is launched with a stylish design and you can play with the position of the device as it can be used in both vertical and Horizontal positions. Let’s explore the features of this device in detail.


With a Home storage device, you can now synchronize your PC so as to make file transfer more suitable. This will help you to access the files stored in the Huawei Home Storage from anywhere and anytime on different devices with the same account.

Today’s release has one more feature that you’ve never seen before. It comes with a fingerprint lock which combines enhanced security with fast access.

Huawei Home Storage device is the first to use this lock for safekeeping the data. Further, you can now enjoy movies on the smart screen with this new device.

Automatic synchronization of videos and photos is also available. This feature will help you to access your photos and videos from any device where you are logged into your account. The files can also be shared between multiple devices.

Speaking of the capacity of the device, it serves the users with better storage solutions. The maximum hard disk configuration of the device is 16TB, and the Dual-disk 2TB+2TB and 8TB+8TB are optional. You can also use an additional hard disk of about 20TB +20TB storage.

You can store about 3 million HD photos, 15 million files, and 10000 HD videos on the device.

This device supports easy searches for images, videos, files, and other things.

Most importantly, it is based on the HarmonyOS 3.0 software and supports HarmonyOS-based advanced privacy and security to your important and personal data.


This super amazing device is available at two price tags-

  • 2TB + 2TB at 2999 Yuan (431.37 USD)
  • 8TB + 8TB at 4999 Yuan (719.06 USD)

The pre-sale for this device starts at 18:08 on September 06, 2022. Also, the firm will launch it officially on September 28, 2022.

To immediately receive a product upon release you can pre-order it as the sale starts.


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