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iPhone 15 to change iPhone’s charging port after 11 years



Charging port

Apple is ready to make the biggest change in the charging port with the upcoming iPhone 15 series after 11 years. It’s reported that the iPhone maker will install a Type-C charger for a faster charging label.

9to5Mac reports that iPhone 15 models will include a new USB C port to remove the lighting port. The company will also support a faster 35W charging capacity, while iPhone 14 Pro comes with 27W max charging. Meanwhile, the standard iPhone 14 only supports 20W charger. Talking about the recharge, with a 27W charger, iPhone 14 Pro Max takes about 2 hours to refill the battery.

Since iPhones don’t include a charging brick inside the retail box, customers will have to buy the 35W charger separately. Also, Apple has already introduced a 35W charger last year, which works as a universal charger for Macs, and iPads and now it will also work with iPhones.


Apple has been using the lightning port in iPhones since 2012 when it introduced the iPhone 5 as the first device with the new connector.

The Lightning port replaced the 30-pin dock connector that had been used in previous iPhones, iPods, and iPads. The Lightning port was designed to be reversible, compact, and robust, and Apple called it “a modern connector for the next decade.”.

Since then, every iPhone model equips the Lightning port, except for the iPhone 12 series, which also supports wireless charging via MagSafe. However, some of Apple’s other devices, such as the iPad Pro and the iPad Air, have switched to USB-C instead of Lightning.


Last year, European Union made a rule that each smartphone and consumer electronic device must use USB C as a common charging interface. This rule will come into effect in 2024, afterwards, all the electronics makers must comply with this new requirement in their devices.

Since Android phones already have USB for a long time, Apple is the only company that needs to adapt to this change on a larger scale. Reacting to this change, Apple said “Obviously we’ll have to comply, we have no choice,”.

That’s how Apple is forced to change the charging port in iPhone after 11 years of lightning rule.

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